Dynamic Changes at Applied Petroleum Technology Signal Exciting Times Ahead

01 February 2023 – Applied Petroleum Technology (APT), a global leader in petroleum geochemistry, basin modelling & biostratigraphy services, is pleased to announce a series of recent changes to its leadership team.

Dr. Craig Barrie
has been named the new Chief Operating Officer of APT, bringing a wealth of industry experience to this position. Dr. Barrie, who joined APT USA back in 2021, will be responsible for ensuring APT’s operations provide excellent quality aligned with the needs of APT’s customers globally.

In addition, Dr. Julian Moore has now fully transitioned from his role as Managing Director of APT UK to focus on his duties as Chief Technology Officer as well as expanding business development opportunities in new markets. This shift will allow Dr. Moore to focus on the company's technological advancements and expand those solutions and workflows into new territories.

Finally, Dr. Barry Bennett has fully assumed the mantle of Managing Director of APT UK. Dr. Bennett will draw on his 36 years long career as a petroleum geochemist, including extensive industry experience, to lead the company's UK operations.

"These changes demonstrate APT’s dedication to providing the finest possible services to our clients while continuing our global expansion," said Dr. Barrie, the new COO of APT. "These changes will ensure that APT continues as a leading global provider of petroleum geochemistry and basin modeling services into the future."

About Applied Petroleum Technology (APT)
APT is a recognized global leader in petroleum geochemistry and basin modeling services for the oil and gas industry, offering a unique combination of in-house geological services and a staff boasting extensive off-shore and oil company experience. With a team of industry experts and a steadfast commitment to delivering the highest level of service, APT is perfectly positioned to assist its clients in optimizing their assets and realizing success in their operations.