Sending samples

Sample Sizes

Please refer here depending on sample type you are sending:

  • SR pyrolysis – TOC, RE/Hawk

    2-3 g washed/dried cuttings or core sample

  • Vitrinite reflectance

    ca.10 g washed/dried cuttings or core sample

  • Oil/condensate analysis

    3-5 ml

  • Gas analysis

    test gas transformed to Isotubes is preferred

  • GC, GCMS & isotope analyses

    15-20 g washed/dried cuttings or core sample

How to post your samples


Find out how to post your samples to us

We recommend sending all samples as trackable parcel, door to door.

Our delivery /street address:

Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) AS
Sven Oftedals vei 6
NO-0950 Oslo
Tel. (+47) 453 96 000

Please note that a Proforma Invoice is required for all international non-document shipments.
Please indicate that the geological samples are for analysis and have no commercial value.
To ensure low import duties and for quicker movement through customs, please indicate that the shipment has some nominal low value e.g. USD 5.00 (value of nil will not be accepted by customs).

Rock and mud samples

Rock samples: All types of rock samples can be shipped as geological samples.
Mud samples: Not classified as dangerous goods. Can also be shipped as geological samples.

The easy way of sending oil and gas samples:

For an easy way of shipping oil and gas samples of any type or volume, we recommend contacting any freight forwarding agent who has attained the full IATA membership.
They should be able to assist with anything within transport.

Example of forwarding agent located in Oslo, Norway: Alf Andersen A/S
Example of forwarding agent in the USA:

UN numbers for oil samples:

Petroleum crude oil: UN1267 (Class 3)
Petroleum distillate: UN1268 (Class 3)
Petroleum sour crude oil (flammable, toxic): UN3494 (Class 3 + 6.1)

General information:

Oil and gas samples are classified as dangerous goods and it’s required that the shipper is trained in and comply with the provisions found in the applicable regulations:

ADR/RID (By Road or railway in Norway):
DGR (International shipments by air): IATA - Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)

Worldwide Courier and delivery companies

Worldwide Courier and delivery companies, like FedEx and DHL, also offer various services.
Many of the courier companies have specialists on staff to assist with dangerous goods questions.
Links to some Courier companies:
New to Shipping or Scaling Up? | FedEx
DHL | Global | English

Oil samples:

We recommend sending oil samples of very small volume which qualify as Limited Quantities (LQ) or Excepted Quantities((EQ), by air) whenever possible, which could reduce the shipping costs considerably.

More info: The Difference Between Excepted Quantity & Limited Quantity Shipping | TDG

Label for Dangerous goods in excepted Quantities:
Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities Labels from Labelmaster

Gas samples:

We recommend sending gas samples in IsoTubes™ if possible. This type of receptacle is the only type of gas container that is certified for passenger airplanes. These can be shipped on both passenger and cargo aircraft according to IATA regulations. They are single-use containers and can easily be destructed and recycled after analysis.

More info about IsoTubes :

Shipping guidelines for IsoTubes:

Useful UN numbers and other info for gas samples:

IsoTubes : Proper shipping name: ‘Receptacles, small, containing gas’. Class: 2.1. UN2037

Steel cylinder containing compressed natural gas: Proper shipping name: ‘Natural gas, compressed (with high methane content)’. Class 2.1. UN1971.

MSDS (Material safety data sheet)

A copy of the corresponding MSDS, or access to it, could be requested during transit of your shipment. We advise to attach a copy of this to the outer packaging.
MSDS /SDS should normally be produced by the manufacturer of the product.

SDS / MSDS Database Search - Safety Data Sheets Library | MSDSonline


The above information should be taken as guidance only and always checked against any global, regional or local laws or regulations. Sending samples is a responsibility of the sender and the sender carries sole responsibility on adhering to laws and regulations independently of the general guiding found on this webpage. APT cannot take any liability for shipments sent to us. Thank you.

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