Meet Scott Granger – regional manager Americas

APT’s regional manager turns 50 this year, but that doesn’t stop him from taking on new challenges.

“I hear 50 is the new 30 – I hope that’s true!” says Scott Granger.

He is APT’s new regional manager in the US and joined the company back in May this year. Scott’s born and raised in Louisiana, home to cities such as New Orleans and Lafayette.

“Louisiana has been my home all my life. I went to the University of Southwestern Louisiana, which after I graduated, changed its name to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.”

Like many just getting into college, Scott really didn’t know what he wanted to study.

“My brother-in-law, a cousin, and a couple friends graduated in or was studying Industrial Technology, so I decided to follow them.”

Louisiana Man

After college, he joined a small PVT and sampling company called Weatherly Lab. The company later changed name to PENCOR and a couple of years later, PENCOR was bought by Core Labs.

“I moved to a new company called Oilphase out of Scotland that was just purchased by Schlumberger. After many years and a few different positions, I had the opportunity to set up the PVT and gas lab in Lafayette for GeoMark Research which I ran for 17 years. That was a good position for me, and more importantly, I was able to set it up wherever I wanted. So, I went back home to Lafayette!” he says.

Living in south Louisiana, Scott always used to joke that he would end up in the oil, sugar cane, or fishing industry. Being close to the Gulf of Mexico, many Louisianians work in the oil industry, including much of Scott’s family.

“The first time I ever heard about APT is when my current coworker, Dr. Craig Barrie, left GeoMark to come to APT. After looking them up, I was impressed with the people and services that APT provides.”

It didn’t take long for Scott to make the decision – he joined APT just weeks after Craig.

“I haven’t been here that long, but I am loving every minute of it! The amount of experience that these world class geochemists have is just amazing. I cannot wait to really get involved and learn from my coworkers,” Scott says.

People person

APT is currently in the phase of establishing its US office in Houston, Texas. Every day there is a new task at hand and consequently something new to learn for Scott and the rest of the US team.

“Some might say we are getting in late. We disagree, this is a great time!”

The corona pandemic, starting in March 2020, together with falling oil prices have meant challenging times for the oil and gas industry, and several companies have had to lay off valuable staff.

“We have a huge group of extremely talented geochemists that can come in and help companies right away. This doesn’t just mean helping you place your analysis program with the lab, it means helping guide you with the lab work in order to deliver answers to them.”

Starting his new position in the midst of a global pandemic means that Scott has yet to meet many of his new co-workers and clients.

“Returning to a set office will be a change for sure. I’m a people person and I love to work with others to solve problems in order to make their job and life easier. I understand that we had to work virtually in the past, but I’m ready to see people live and in person again.”

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