Interpretation of Geochemistry Data

An example of geochemical interpretation from the APT West of Shetland study.
The petroleum systems analysis of Nordland.

APT’s skilled geochemists have extensive experience in interpreting petroleum geochemistry data to produce single well reports, multi-well reports, regional studies, thematic studies, as well as incorporating information from other disciplines.

We can also operate within clients' exploration groups, for example during licencing or concession rounds, and provide expertise and knowledge that can reduce risk and enhance investments.

Single well studies

APT can interpret the data generated by our personnel as well as data generated from other laboratories to give the industry an exhaustive interpretation and understanding of well results.

We are able to integrate data you hold, such as stratigraphy and mud systems, to form a framework for the interpretation. Through this process, APT will endeavour to provide details on potential contamination problems with the well results, source potential of your rocks and insights into reservoir properties.

Well interpretation example from the Nordland study.
Kerogen examination from the Weald study.

Multi-well studies

APT can help to ensure that all of the wells you are reviewing have consistent data types, have carefully quality-checked results and can be compared with each other.

By comparing the hydrocarbon potential within formations from well to well, a regional picture of variations in source richness can be developed helping to gauge the likely expelled and accumulated fluids. This can be supplemented through the observation of fluids data and shows to integrated into migration models. Our carefully QC'd APvT database enables us to quickly compare a region to the nearby known fluid types.

Thematic studies and databases

APT is proud to offer a large series of MultiClient studies available for purchase.

These studies are of regional exploration significance and include also specific general themes to assist with specific issues within a basin.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a tailor-made study for your area of interest.

The Draugen area study.
Apatite fission track analysis on the Loppa High.

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