APT introduces production allocation tool to cut shale oil drilling costs

APT CEO Helge Nyrønning in the company's laboratorium
APT CEO Helge Nyrønning in the company's laboratorium

21 June 2021 – International oil services group Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) has launched APT Allomon – a methodology developed to facilitate production well optimization by identifying more effective drainage patterns and thereby maximising production from shale oil fields.

The APT Allomon methodology analyses produced fluid compositions to understand the variations in production contributions from individual wells and reservoir compartments. Understanding the local variations in well and reservoir performance is essential for efficient well planning and production optimisation.

“When deploying APT Allomon, operators can achieve significant improvement of asset value by reducing capex, opex and drillex,” says Helge Nyrønning, CEO of APT.

APT Allomon is utilised for both production monitoring and production allocation in shale oil fields.

Production monitoring constitutes analysis of a time series of production fluids from the same source (pipeline, field, reservoir or well), and interpretation of the resulting data in order to look for changes in fluid chemistry caused by production-related processes or source contribution variation over time.

Production allocation is the determination of the amount or portion of a commingled fluid to be assigned to two or more individual fluid sources (pipeline, field, reservoir or well) at a particular moment in time, based on the fluid chemistry.

“Simply explained, it is about gaining a better understanding of where the shale oil comes from. In turn, this enables operators to optimise production and increase ultimate recovery. Our analyses also allow operators to recognise well interference or untapped resources, which makes it easier to optimise well spacing and thereby reduce drilling costs significantly,” adds Helge Nyrønning.

APT only requires produced fluid, cuttings or core samples. This means that added costs by deploying APT Allomon are dramatically lower than alternatives such as wireline or tracer technologies. APT Allomon has built in flexibility allowing it to be deployed successfully in both unconventional shale plays and conventional systems.

“Another benefit of applying APT Allomon is that it does not interfere with normal production. This enables operators to implement the methodology while maintaining production levels and protecting revenue generation,” says Helge Nyrønning.

Applied Petroleum Technology provides geochemical and biostratigraphic laboratory services, basin modelling and petroleum systems analysis to operators worldwide. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has additional offices in the UK, USA and Canada.

APT Allomon is a registered trademark of APT.


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