Sample Preparation

Experience and precision in preparing your rock and fluid samples ensure the highest quality analysis and results that you can trust.

Cuttings samples

We receive cuttings samples in all conditions; washed or unwashed, bagged or canned, in very large quantities or very small amounts.

Knowledge of the drilling fluids used allows us to ensure samples are appropriately washed and treated. Our experience in removing the effects of oil based mud (OBM) has been shown to enhance the validity of analysis.

Sidewall cores (SWC) and cores

APT applies careful handling to SWC’s and cores ensuring the most appropriate preparation is utilised. We perform any required cleaning and removal of contaminants, always striving to maintain core integrity.

Analysis can be successfully achieved on core chips or core plugs.

Oils and gases

APT is able to deal with oils that have been stored in most types of approved or emergency containers. In general, oils require no preparation for the basic analytical procedures, some of which in themselves are in part or in whole preparation for more advanced analyses.

Gas samples may come in isotubes, isojars, cans, vacutainers, sealed bags, pressurised or non-pressurised metal containers.

Information on how to send APT your samples can be found here.

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