Flemish Pass and Outer Ridge Geochemistry Study

Two new studies of the oils, source rocks and maturity of the Southern Grand Banks and Flemish Pass & Outer Ridge of the Jeanne d’Arc Basins have been designed to provide better model inputs and calibration for petroleum systems analysis. Samples and data from newly released wells in the Flemish Pass and Outer Ridge Complex have been thoroughly analysed and assessed.


  • Enhance understanding of oil characterisation and comparison with offset oils from the conjugate margin
  • Provide TOC and Rock-Eval screening and maturity – vitrinite reflectivity and spore colouration
  • Generate Pyrolysis-GC
  • Create new detailed source rock characterisations
  • Make ‘Source rocks from logs’ - net SR thickness estimates
  • Update oil and oil show to source rock correlation

Published 2020

Fig. 1 Flemish Pass and Outer Ridge Geochemistry Study

Wells list

  • Cupids A-33
  • Gabriel C-60
  • Mizzen F-09
  • Mizzen L-11
  • North Dana I-43
  • Panther P-52
  • Rankin M-36
  • South Merasheen K-55
  • Baccalieu F-89
  • Baccalieu I-78
  • Bay de Verde F-67Z
  • Bay du Nord L-67Z
  • Bonaventure O-96


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