Surface Geochemistry & Shallow Core Analysis

Analysis and interpretation

We have developed an analytical protocol (SEGS) for analysing both gas collected from seeps or headspace gas from sediment in cans or isojars. APT also has a full suite of specially designed analyses of HMW HC extracted from sediment.​

Gaseous Hydrocarbons​

Gas Analysis (Headspace Gas)

  • Compositional analysis of HCs C1-C5, CO2
  • Compositional analysis of Inorganic gases (O2, N2, H2, He, H2S, CO a.o.)​

Gas Isotope analysis

  • δ13 of C1-C4 + CO2
  • Cryogenic work-up method for analysis of lean samples (down to 200ppm CH4)​
  • δD of C1 (>500 ppm CH4)

We can analyse gas in: cans, bags, Isojars, Isotubes and most types of pressurised cylinders​

Sediments from cores / outcrops​

Obtaining background information from the sediment by:​

  • TOC/TC analysis​
  • Rock Eval analysis​
  • Biostratigraphy​

Extractable / HMW Hydrocarbons​

Sample prep and solvent extraction:​

  • (Sieving if required), Air-drying, and grinding​
  • Solvent Extraction by ultra-sound method using DCM/MeOH ​
  • Quantification of EOM yield​

GC analysis:​

  • GC of EOM - Quantification of C10- C42 and UCM​

GCMS analysis:​

  • GCMS of Saturated Hydrocarbons (Hopanes+Steranes)​
  • GCMS of Aromatic HCs (2-4 rings + aromatic steroids)​
  • Diamondoids​

GCMSMS analysis:​

  • Age diagnostic biomarkers ​

Isotope analysis​

  • Fraction bulk isotope analysis​

Please contact us to discuss how APT can help you with your analysis: