Detailed group analysis

SI-PIONA provides a method for detailed group type analysis of gasoline and petroleum naphtha containing hydrocarbons with boiling points between -42 °C (propane) and 216 °C (n-dodecane).

To achieve this, the hydrocarbon compounds are divided into 94 sub-groups which are assessed in addition to six oxygenates (Methanol, Ethanol, tert-Butanol, tert-Butylmethylether, tert-Butylethylether and tert-Amylmethylether).

The main components of the SI-PIONA software package are:

• A MS library containing approximately 1,100 mass spectra of the different compounds present in gasoline/naphtha.
• An RI database of approximately 400 compounds for correct isomer identification.
• Software for automated peak identification and quantitation.
• Software for reporting the main PIONA groups.

The SI-PIONA program can be applied to quadrupole and magnetic sector instruments. Direct access of data files from Finnigan MAT, Hewlett-Packard, VG, MicroMass, Thermo Scientific and Fison instruments is included in the software.

*EASYQUAN and SI-PIONA were developed by Kjell Urdal during his time at SINTEF Applied Chemistry and are now sold and supported by APT on behalf of SINTEF.

For more information on the SI-PIONA program and to obtain a demo version to see how it can enhance your interpretations, please contact Kjell Urdal: