Module 7: Geochemistry in Resource Plays

Petroleum Geochemistry: Geochemistry in Resource Plays

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the diversity of what are termed ‘unconventional plays’.​
  • The role of geochemistry in regional evaluation of unconventional plays.​
  • Geochemical analytical methods used in unconventional systems.​
  • Principles behind geochemical production allocation & monitoring programs. ​
  • Deployment of APT Allomon™ in Resource Plays​
  • Through the use of case studies and exercises understand how geochemical programs are deployed and what deliverables are feasible.​
  • Understand ‘quantified’ vs ‘qualitative’ production allocation in unconventional plays.​
  • Geochemical solutions for stacking pattern assessment, completion optimization ​
  • The importance of integrated datasets in production focused operations and objectives.​

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The role of geochemistry through the reservoir work flow