Easily Quantify GC and GC-MS Data

EASYQUAN enhances your experience with quantifying and analysing all types of GC and GC-MS data. Developed to simplify the creation of GC and GC-MS methods, this software enables the user to easily establish control charts for each component.

The EASYQUAN program is built to deal with GC-MS data files with standardised views of the data including Chromatogram view, the Mass Spectrum view and the List view. Through this it is simple to display all GC-MS data files, and to generate an EASYQUAN report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of your data.

The EASYQUAN program can be applied to quadrupole and magnetic sector instruments. Direct access of data files from Finnigan MAT, Hewlett-Packard/Agilent, VG, MicroMass, Thermo Scientific and Fison instruments is included in the software.

*EASYQUAN and SI-PIONA were developed by Kjell Urdal during his time at SINTEF Applied Chemistry and are now sold and supported by APT on behalf of SINTEF.

APT would be pleased to answer any questions you have about the use of the EASYQUAN software and provide a demo version on a trial period. Please contact us on: