Gas Composition Analysis

Analyse the composition of your gases

Gas composition and isotope analysis can be performed on all types of gas in all types of containers (cans, bags, tubes, jars, pressurized cylinders). APT has gas chromatographs (GC) dedicated to gas composition analysis and mass spectrometers (MS) dedicated to isotope analyses including GCIRMS.

Gas composition and isotope data

IsoJar and IsoTube analysis.

We can provide gas compositions in terms of C1, C2, C3, i-C4 ,n-C4, i-C5, n-C5, C6+, CO2, C2-C5 alkenes, H2, N2 and O2/Ar.

Gas isotope data include provision of δ13C and δD of C1, C2,C3, i-C4 ,n-C4, i-C5, n-C5 and δ15N for N2.

We also provide He, CO and H2S as optional analysis.

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