Seasonal campaign for multiclient studies

5 June 2020 – To give clients easy access to high quality data and reports that could prove useful in connection with the forthcoming APA round on the NCS, or for license work in general, APT is launching a seasonal discount campaign on all its existing multi-client studies.

The campaign will run throughout June 2020. During the campaign period we will offer a 15 percent discount off the list price for our most recent 2018 and 2019 studies and 20 percent discount off on all pre-2018 studies.

An index of available multi-client studies is available from this link:

Fully operational laboratories
Despite limitations caused by Covid-19, APT’s laboratories are fully operative and have capacity to undertake your studies in normal turnaround times.

This year we have also strengthen our capacity within basin modelling/PSA services by engaging Dr. Christoph Kierdorf. So if you are in need of PSA capacity, APT is happy to assist.

10% discount on oil data
APT would also like to draw your attention to its ever-growing oil database that has been extended by approximately 80 NCS and 50 UKCS oils/condensates the last years. In total, APT’s oil database now contains data from more than 1,200 fluids from all over the NCS + a few from UKCS and DKCS. Data from these fluids can be licensed on per oil basis. During the campaign, we will offer a 10 percent discount for licensing data from >50 oils.

Contact details
If any of these multiclient studies intrigue your curiosity, or you want further information, please do not hesitate to contact APT’s head of geochemistry, Geir Hansen, for further details about content and price: