KNOWLAH platform

APT is now offering petroleum geochemistry courses through the KNOWLAH platform.

In partnership with a consortium of leading service companies and universities, led by Badley Ashton, Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) is delivering a suite of petroleum geochemistry training modules through the online knowledge sharing platform KNOWLAH.

KNOWLAH offers a range of courses for learners at all levels. The KNOWLAH vision is to provide an exciting new opportunity to unlock deep insight on subjects including geochemistry, geology, petrophysics, geophysics, structural geology and geomechanics, reservoir modelling and simulation, basin modelling and petroleum systems, new energies and emerging technologies.

The geochemistry modules offered by APT include core geochemistry courses on:

  • Introduction to Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Source Rocks
  • Petroleum
  • Basin Modeling & Petroleum Systems Analysis

As well as a suite of modules covering a range of applications and play types:

  • Biomarkers
  • Well Site Gas Analysis
  • Conventional Plays
  • Resource Plays
  • Non-hydrocarbon gases

All of the geochemistry courses have been prepared by the experienced and world leading geochemistry and PSA specialists at APT and include case study examples from our decades of experience covering basins around the globe. Access to all of the KNOWLAH courses available is provided through a variety of flexible packages that offer a rich and focused learning experience.

To find out more and get a teaser of what these courses offer visit or email us directly at