Do you know how good your geochemical data is? APT does!

Geochemical applications require data which is both precise and accurate. Ensuring accurate identification of the compounds being used is essential, as is robust and consistent standard data.

For the past 22 years APT have rigorously, and consistently, analyzed the Norwegian Industry Guide to Organic Geochemical Analyses (NIGOGA) standards with operator samples. 3 Geochemical Standards (NGS) - in addition to project standards - are utilized day in, day out in APT’s laboratories:

  • NSO-1: Production oil sample from Osebeg Field
  • JR-1: Jet Rock from East Yorkshire (UK)
  • SR-1: Source rock from the Botneheia Formation (Middle Triassic, Svalbard)

The precision of a measurement, related to reproducibility is the degree to which repeated measurements, under unchanged conditions, show the same results. The accuracy of a measurement is the degree of closeness of measurements of a quantity to that quantity's true value.

Both precision & accuracy are essential to ensuring geochemical data is robust and reliable and in particular for production allocation & monitoring and similarity index workflows. In these applications both compound (concentration) and ratio reproducibility, of standard and sample data, is absolutely crucial in assessing statistically relevant changes in drainage and drainage overlap.

Understanding the compounds you are analyzing along with the range on your standard data & reproducibility is essential!

Figure (Above): NSO-1 Data since 2002 for theratio of 1-methylphenanthrene to phenanthrene: [1MP] / [P] on m/z 192+178 ions