APT secures multiple projects with Chrysaor

The Armada hub facility on the UKCS (Photo: Chrysaor)
The Armada hub facility on the UKCS (Photo: Chrysaor)

9 June 2020 – UK independent Chrysaor North Sea Limited (Chrysaor) has contracted Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) to deliver various geochemical and petroleum systems analyses in connection with the operator’s Armada hub facility and exploration around the Greater Lomond area on the UK continental shelf.

APT has been engaged by Chrysaor to carry out a range of studies in producing and exploration assets. At the Armada Hub facility, a scoping and feasibility study for the use of geochemical production allocation is underway. In the same asset, APT is conducting a geochemical analysis of recently drilled well where a potentially new reservoir system is under evaluation. APT is also carrying out integrated petroleum system analysis and basin modelling to support Chrysaor’s assessment of the exploration potential in the Central North Sea.

“We work with Chrysaor to apply geochemical methods and technology in a focused way to provide insight to the subsurface to directly assist evaluations and decision making at a relatively low cost. Currently the work we are involved with spans from exploration to appraisal to development, demonstrating the wide range of problems geochemical technologies can be applied to,” says Julian Moore, head of APT’s UK operation.

APT’s UK operation will manage the project. Geochemical analyses will be conducted out of the company’s specialised laboratory in Conwy, Wales. APT has not disclosed the contract value of the projects.

Chrysaor is the UK’s leading North Sea independent oil and gas company. In the UK, the company operates 14 fields across several hub facilities.

APT provides geochemical and biostratigraphic laboratory services, basin modelling and petroleum systems analysis to operators worldwide. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has additional offices in the UK, USA and Canada.


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