Wellsite Biostratigraphy

Sole providers of wellsite biostratigraphy to Norway

Our wellsite services provide immediate answers to stratigraphic questions during coring, casing and for T.D. decisions. We help improve our clients’ confidence and geological control during their biosteering for horizontal drilling and whole-well monitoring in wildcat areas.

APT offers a high quality and well-regarded wellsite biostratigraphy service which has been a major part of our operations in Norway since our company was founded. APT is the only Norwegian company that can provide the personnel and all necessary equipment to run complete wellsite biostratigraphy services.

APT have a world-class reputation for our wellsite biostratigraphy services.

We are unique in our offering of wellsite EDXRF chemostratigraphy in combination with biostratigraphy, which operates without the need for any expansion of the wellsite arrangement. This has proven extremely useful for understanding fossil poor zones and in areas with low biostratigraphic resolution.

We routinely actively participate in;

  • Geosteering during landing and TD of sections
  • Horizontal reservoir drilling in laterally and vertically complex reservoirs

The use of wellsite biostratigraphy has been proven to save unplanned and expensive side tracking of a well and enhance the geological outcomes.

Jerseyispora punctispinosa.
Dracodinium politum.

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